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Futrieval - VMS

Futrieval – VMS, the intelligent video management software which hosts the system-wide database, maintains coherent operations between all servers, encoders, NVRs and review stations. The VMS is a powerful virtual matrix that automatically distributes videos to Review Stations, video walls, and devices across LANs and WANs in a bandwidth-efficient manner, effectively replacing the most commonly used features of legacy CCTV matrix switchers.

Video switching over IP assures ultimate system scalability, without the upfront costs normally associated with traditional matrix hardware and expansion bottlenecks due to limited number of physical ports.

Supreme Scalability and Cost Effective

Perhaps the utmost differentiating feature between analog and virtual matrix technology is the scalability that virtual video switching provides. Expansion of number of cameras, monitors, or recorders to an analog video infrastructure requires installation of new coaxial cable. In addition, analog hardware switches have a finite number of ports, whereas a virtual matrix can distribute video from any number of cameras to any number of networked devices as long as they are connected by an IP network. An IP video solution can be expanded from tens to order of thousands without service interruptions, and components can be added virtually anywhere within the network.

Virtual matrix technology offers virtually unlimited scalability and reduces cost by simplifying infrastructure requirements. The virtual matrix technology employed in Futrieval - VMS not only support fully digital system, but also allows smooth and incremental transition from analog to fully digital system, which protects the value of pervious technology investments while paving the way for to enjoy future innovations and technology advancements.

Designed with Reliability and Quality

Enterprises cannot afford crucial security components with frequent downtime, Futrieval – VMS addresses the need for a reliable and mission critical video surveillance system. When all video is routed to an analog matrix, the matrix switcher can become a single point of failure, whilst, with virtual switching, one piece of equipment can fail without bringing the entire system to a halt.

Futrieval – VMS can be configured as a single VMS, or a cluster of VMSs with asymmetric hardware configuration. This setup provides failover and/or load balancing feature for the VMS. Scalability of VMS can be assured simply by adding VMS to the server cluster. With a fault-tolerant intelligent mechanism and a carefully architected Futrieval Video Management Platform, the whole CCTV system can still be fully operational even when all the VMS servers are down.

Key Features

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dot Supreme system scalability
dot Reliability - built with fault-tolerant intelligence
dot Cost effective software switching solution
dot Easy to Install and Operate
dot Support a maximum of 8 SATA Hard Disks
dot Protecting investments

System Requirements

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CPU Intel Xeon or better
Memory 4GB DDR-2
Storage 2 x 320GB to 1TB in Raid 1 Configuration
Interface Gigabit Ethernet (Dual Gigabit Ethernet recommended to completely remove single point of failure)
Protocol RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, or Multicast IP
Connector RS-232
Camera Channel Max. 32 Channels @ 3Mbps
Power Supply AC 110/220V
Power Comsumption 400W (Standard) / 800W Redundant (Optional)
Enclosure Metal Enclosure
Configuration Standard, RMV
  Standard: 1U
Operating Temperature 0°C - 35°C
Humidity 10 - 80% non-condense



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