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Futrieval - Video Narrator

Futrieval – Video Narrator is a high performance video encoder that compresses analog videos into digital video streams for IP network distribution. Using state of the art H.264 technology, Video Narrator encodes videos into standard compliant H.264 streams, which saves up to 30% of storage and bandwidth requirements when compared with the MPEG-4 counterparts. Apart from encoding videos into standard compliant H.264 format, Video Narrator also “narrates” the video streams with analytics metadata. The analytics metadata provides an abstraction of the events occurred within the scene, which can then be used to realize online video analytics applications, as well as offline video retrieval and business intelligence mining.

High Quality H.264 Encodings with Competitive Analytics Offering

Video Narrator encodes analog videos using in-house developed H.264 codec, which delivers customizable range of video quality profile to suit different operating scenarios. The codec is analytics-enabled in the sense that it not only encodes video but also perform just-in-time video analysis to derive analytics metadata that is suitable for object-oriented video indexing as well as robust video analytics. Optional analytics like traditional motion detection, trip-wire, object counting, object classification can be added on top of video encoding to deliver video analytics on the edge. Advanced server-side analytics, object-oriented video retrieval, and business intelligence mining are also made possible thanks to the just-in-time analytics metadata narration technology.

Key Features

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dot Highly performance codec that delivers DVD-quality encoded H.264 video streams
dot 4CIF video encoding at 25 FPS (PAL) or 30 FPS (NTSC)
dot Optional video analytics add-on
dot Firmware upgradeable through network

Technical Specification

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Interface Ethernet 10/ 100 Base-T
Connector RJ-45 jack
Protocol Transport: RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, or Multicast IP
  Others: DHCP Client
Input / Output Up to 4 composite video inputs
Streaming Capability Dual stream per channel
Connector BNC female
Compression Optimized H.264 baseline profile
Resolution 704x576 pixels (PAL) & 704X480 pixels (NTSC)
Frame Rate Aggregate 100 FPS (PAL) & 120 FPS (NTSC)
Bandwidth Configurable up to 6Mbps per channel
Firmware Upgrade Flash memory for upgrade of firmware over network
Connector RS-232 / RS-485
Alarm Input/Output 4 dry contact inputs / 1 relay contact output
Audio Input/Output 4 inputs / 1 output
Power Supply AC 110/220V, Output 7.5V DC
Enclosure Metal Enclosure
Configuration Standard, RMV
  Standard: 1U
Operating Temperature 0°C - 50°C
Humidity 10 - 80% non-condense



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