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Futrieval - NVR

Futrieval – NVR, a powerful and versatile Network Video Recorder, delivers advanced recording of up to 32 cameras on a highly scalable and secure platform. The NVR features the multi-terabyte massive storage capacity and full-range of data protection to provide the cost-effective, high performance network storage system for the fast growing network storage requirement. The NVR helps organizations leverage the power of IP-based digital video without sacrificing investments in analog technology. When working with Video Narrator, it can also index analytics metadata for advance video retrieval and data mining applications.

Secure and Flexible Storage

Built with variety options of RAID, the NVR & Disk Storage Array architecture is designed for enhanced security and reliability. This enables identical data to be stored on drive(s) simultaneously, enhancing data availability and reducing the chance of loss. Through our sophisticated configuration software and powerful programming capabilities, administrators can add or remove system devices, set different resolutions, frame rates, video retention, motion detection, events, and alarms.

Key Features

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dot Recording of up to 32 cameras
dot High performance network recorder with storage
dot Support synchronous playback
dot Programmable video recording and retention
dot Support a maximum of 8 SATA Hard Disks
dot Support a maximum storage of 10TB
dot Support polymorphic failover
dot Flexible and expandable

Technical Specification

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Compression MPEG-4/H.264
Resolution CIF / 2CIF / 4CIF / Multi-Megapixels
Frame Rate Up to 25 FPS (PAL) & 30 FPS (NTSC)
Standard Storage 320GB to 10TB
Expandable Storage > 10TB (Disk Array Storage Architecture)
Interface Gigabit Ethernet (Standard) / Dual Gigabit Ethernet (Optional)
Connector RJ-45 jack (Standard) / Dual RJ-45 jack (Optional)
Protocol RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, or Multicast IP
Connector RS-232
Camera Channel Max. 32 Channels @ 3Mbps
Power Supply AC 110/220V
Power Comsumption 510W (Standard)
  1000W Reduandant (Optional)
Enclosure Metal Enclosure
Configuration Standard, RMV
  Standard: 2U
Operating Temperature 0°C - 35°C
Humidity 10 - 80% non-condense



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