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Futrieval - The next generation software video management platform

Futrieval is the next generation software video management platform that provides more than a typical video surveillance system could offer. It not only manages security peripherals, but also serves as an enabling platform that collects and analyzes security information gathered from videos and security peripherals. Futrieval offers unparallel performance for video surveillance operations, and helps defining what make sense to streamline business operations based on the valuable information derived from video surveillance systems.

Powered by innovative technologies from Cyberview, Futrieval is a scalable solution for a large range of deployment scenarios, ranging from tens all the way up to thousands of cameras. Futrieval is architected as an open platform to facilitate integration of various encoders, IP/Megapixel cameras, access controls, etc. Futrieval has a clear roadmap to support data mining and video retrieval that are truly future proof for the next generation applications that maximize your return of investment.

Key Features


dot Truly Open Platform
dot Support Various Video Encoding Standards
dot Full SDK Support
dot Flexible Storage Scheme (Centralized or Distributed)
dot Easy Migration Path from Analog to Fully Digital
dot Highly Scalable
dot Polymorphic Recording Failover
dot Cluster-based Master Server Failover

Flexible and Complete SDK Support

BarFutrieval can be easily integrated with different video encoders, IP/Megapixel cameras through CVIP (Cyberview Video on IP) protocol. The CVIP protocol is flexible in the sense that it not only allows integration with security devices, but also offers an easy way for third party applications to retrieve security related information such as videos, alarms, etc from the Futrieval platform.

Technical Specification


  Multicast, Unicast (UDP), or TCP/IP
  Video Transmission Gateway
VIDEO MPEG-4/H.264/ MJPEG, etc.
  Resolution from QCIF up to Multi-Megapixels
SETUP AND ADMIN User Profile Management
  Device Discovery and Management
  System Status Monitoring and Health Check
  Audit Trail
RESILIENCE Cluster-based Master Server (Standby or Load Balancing Mode)
  Polymorphic Recorder Failover (Zero Video Loss during Failover)
CCTV FEATURES Video Sequence
  Virtual Matrix
  Instant Reverse Playback
  Synchronized Playback (Up to 4 videos)
  Video Search by Date-Time
  Interactive Map
  Alarm Action
  Pre-and-Post Alarm Recording
  Schedule Recording
  Live Stream Snapshot
  CCTV Matrix switches and keyboards
  Video Analytics
  PTZ Protocols
  Building Automation
UPGRADE PATH Video Analytics Indexing for Advance Video Retrieval
  Vertical Market Specific Data Mining Applications


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