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Cyberview Inc. Limited is a new company which is committed to transform security and CCTV information into business intelligence that turns security expense into valuable return of investment.

Cyberview is founded by a group of CCTV veterans in 2007. In addition to the founding members, an advisory board, which is composed of CCTV industry gurus and world-class researchers from academia, also bring to Cyberview 50+ years of research and industry experiences. Their valuable perspectives and inputs will undoubtedly help steering Cyberview towards the position as a major player in the market.

Products and Solutions

Cyberview provides world-class and mission critical hardware and software products that can be put together to build a fully digital IP-based video surveillance solution. Composed of an open video management software platform, video encoders and hybrid video recorders, Cyberview’s IP-based video surveillance solution is not only future-proof for new site installation but is also friendly for existing analog or hybrid systems to incrementally migrate to a fully digital system. The software, hardware and firmware are designed not only for video management, but also for the extraction and gathering of security information from which business intelligence can be derived to streamline security business operations. The solution can provide significant increase in the return of investment for a new installation, and help protecting customers’ previous investments made in their legacy security systems. For more information on our products and solutions, please check out our Product page.

Competitive Edge

With a distributed architecture and carefully designed open video management software platform, our products offer an unparallel solution to the IP-based video surveillance market in terms of scalability, fault tolerance, and interoperability with a wide variety of security peripherals. The roadmap and concept of just-in-time narration of video with analytics metadata enables broad range of possibilities in deriving business intelligence from surveillance videos that can maximize return of investments.

Comprehensive Sales and Technical Support

Cyberview provides comprehensive worldwide support and have established sales and technical support for its products and to provide tailor-made solutions. To contact our associates, please contact

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